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The following has been taken from "The Book of Tributes" which has been created in remembrance of the victims of the 7/7 bombings. A copy is available for public viewing at the Museum of London

What follows is a summary of who Benedetta Ciaccia was, a beautiful and sweet Italian girl who greatly loved life.

Benedetta was born on 15th December 1974 at 11:40am in Rome. She was brought up by her loving and devoted parents Nella and Roberto, along with her younger sisters Roberta and Giulia. She grew up as a straight-forward and friendly child loved by everyone, including her classmates and teachers. Although very young, she quickly showed a strong interest in travelling and foreign languages, so after completing her school she decided to read Modern Languages at the "Sapienza" University of Rome. Unexpectedly failing her first exam, she dropped out of her course and like many other young students, packed her bags and moved to England to learn the language and start a new life at the age of 19.

She chose Gravesent in Kent as her new home: she began to attend English classes in the mornings while she would spend her afternoons babysitting two littles girls as an au pair. At first, she would often ring her family in tears but her commitment and motivation fed her with incredible strength and helped her achieve her targets.

The following year Benedetta enrolled on a language course and subsequently gained four University of Cambridge Certificates, and with an understanding of the importance of computer literacy she also decided to attend evening computer classes. In 1999 she got a job at the Financial Times, and after approximately two years she was employed as a business analyst for Penguin Books, and finally moving on to the Pearson Group.

Benedetta was a strong talented young woman who managed to combine a life of work and studies. On 3rd July 2005 she took her final exam at Birkbeck College where she had been reading IT for the five years. Sadly, she never got to know the outcome of that exam, nor was she ever told of her academic achievements which saw her gaining a Foundation Degree in IT on 6th July 2005. To commemorate her life, Birkbeck and Pearson have established a monetary fun aimed at providing financial support to students in need.

Benedetta was only 30, and full of hope for her future. She had been living in England for ten years and her professional and academic dreams were fulfilled. All she wished for was to have a family of her own, with many children, which she dearly loved. Time stopped at 8:50am on that 7th July 2005, when Benedetta just like any other day had left home to catch the Circle Line towards Aldgate. She was on the second carriage that was blown up into the air in that tunnel.

Who is to be blamed for such dreadful atrocities? What a cruel irony that such madness has ended the life of our Benedetta, who was so dedicated to the service of others. She had a noble spirit that sought to love everybody irrespective of race, colour or creed. Together with all the other poor innocent people killed, she had no connection with the cause of the suicide bomber and his pointless act.

We may never understand these things. Possibly we might blame the whole world or the individual suicide bomber: but what difference would it really make? All that remains deeply imprinted upon our minds is the awful emptiness that cannot be filled; the person that can never be replaced; the void created by this tornado of hatred that has robbed us all the warmth we felt as a parent and as a sister. Most beautiful Betta, no one can ever bring you back to us.

We find it deeply emotional to see your photograph or read your diary or even hear you on a video. These are treasured memories that we keep in our thoughts and within our hearts. Through these memories we can feel you are near us with that splendid smile of yours.
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